Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I apply for an Al Noor advertised post?

A: Register online on the Al Noor website, search for the posting using search jobs, complete the online application and upload CV.

Q: Where are the Al Noor Hospitals / Clinics located?

A: Al Noor Hospital Group currently has 3 Hospitals located at Airport Road and Khalifa Street in Abu Dhabi and one Hospital in Al Ain. Al Noor has a widespread geographical footprint all over the UAE with over 20 Multispecialty Clinics scattered throughout Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai and Sharjah. For further info on Al Noor locations please refer to Al Noor Website

Q: I do not have a HAAD license what shall I do?

A: If you are offered a position with the Group, our HR team will assist you with the licensing application process. You can however apply for a HAAD license individually by following the HAAD link - HAAD

Q: I am working in Dubai and have DHA license is this acceptable?

A: Holding a DHA license for 6 months makes you eligible to be exempted from HAAD licensing Exam.

Q: I hold MOH license is this acceptable?

A: Yes you will be exempted from the HAAD licensing exam

Q: Residency visas for my family, how do I apply?

A: Once your residency visa has been issued you may then contact the Al Noor PRO Officer regarding assistance in processing family residency visa.

Q: Upon joining Al Noor what can I expect?

A: You will attend 2-day Orientation Program which will also include Emirates ID registration and government required medicals. The stamped visa copy together with your passport, Emirates ID registration form and government required medical reports will be then forwarded to PRO to apply for your residency visa which will take approximately 2 to 3 weeks for issuance.