Clinical Licensing

It is mandatory that all Health Professionals have a valid HAAD License (Health Authority of Abu Dhabi) under a sponsoring Healthcare Facility prior to practicing within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Such license must be maintained Valid and in Good Standing. All HAAD Verification of documentation will be done by an independent third party as part of the licensing application process for clinical staff. Verification is done on education, employment history and home country license.

Additional documents may be required for verification depending on each application and qualifications per the HAAD PQR 2014 (Professional Qualification Requirements). Dataflow report must be clear and have all components “Verified” positively before HAAD can consider reviewing the application..

Most HAAD applicants must pass a HAAD Exam - Oral or CBT (Computer based test) depending on specialty, except those who meet the HAAD Exemption Criteria, whom will be Approved for Licensure, provided all qualification are met as per the HAAD PQR 2014. Please refer to HAAD PQR 2014 for more information on the HAAD recognized Healthcare Categories and requirements, and to Health Professional Registration for the documents required for your HAAD License registration.
Candidates applying for positions at Al Noor locations outside of Abu Dhabi will have to obtain a license through either Ministry of Health - MOH or Dubai Health Authority - DHA